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Heck No, Nancy

by The Obsessives

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Rob thumbnail
Rob Pure emo in a youthful form. Favorite track: Bored.
Dayday thumbnail
Dayday when the voice first came i felt strange,but it happens all the time.It was amazing to listen to it when i wake up. Favorite track: Daisy.
Madison Parker
Madison Parker thumbnail
Madison Parker This album has touched me in ways unimaginable. I fortunately stumbled across the song "Camping" on this punk pop playlist and immediately fell in love. The lyrics in every song are genius and raw. Favourite songs are tied between Camping, Daisy, Knodding Off (Fucked/fine), and Bored. Keep making music guys.
Devin Williams
Devin Williams thumbnail
Devin Williams This album puts me so deep into my feels. Favorite track: Camping.
emily renee
emily renee thumbnail
emily renee this entire album is pure gold Favorite track: Nodding Off (Fucked/Fine).
Anderson Ragan
Anderson Ragan thumbnail
Anderson Ragan one of the most thoughtful albums i've heard in a long time. Favorite track: Home.
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Daisy 02:34
The first time we met you approached me, an inaccurate preface to this starting with you asking me what I was reading and if I ever sought solace in lonely places like my room. Ever since then all I do is think about you. Now this friendship has grown into a sad display of what I would do candidly on tape to make you see that I could be the right person to turn "you and I" into "we." It seems quite frankly impossible that my writing would ever affect you like the way you buried me under mountains of mud. My finger brushes yours and my world is one inch by one inch by one inch. I write her poems. I recite them like the man I am.
Camping 04:15
I keep waking up in pools of sweat with this feeling in the back of my head. It feels like I am dying, then it feels like I am dead. If I am my decisions, am I confident or timid? I'm honest. Let's hope to God I'm honest. Will I become my parents? You will and I will too. Will I find a few new friends when you are of no use? Do you even care anymore? I'll go camping when it's cold outside. Zooming out on Google Earth, I've become even less significant.
Sprawling 02:03
Sprawling out across the lawn, the cops are here with sirens on. All the fixings of the elegant party lay lost amongst the house that resembles now nothing more than proof that I can do. The bus rounds the corner fast, I hope not too fast. I wanna see you come July. It's all I've got to keep me trudging. The rusted metal couple will collapse under the weight of a thousand British winter rains. (Trees waver in the distance by some divorced degree of the powers of the moon.)
Home 02:42
I wanna move back home, fixated on who on call home, thinking about dropping out. I'm done living for people besides myself. I'm supposed to have fun. New Year's night makes my toes cold, aching for someone to make me whole. I'm stuck sticking with what I know, always afraid of what I don't. The daisies aren't a metaphor. I don't know what to do.
Wet Shorts 02:50
You changed something in my heart. My chest is different. You led me down a path of eutrophying swamps. The algae blooms got big and now they cover the top. I exist underneath them. It's easier without feeling. You mean everything to me, including bruised knees, not including chipped teeth, not excluding bare feet in grass in spring. I really feel like leaving, think I'll go home now. Dive into the tub to scrub my anger out. Take a Brillo pad to my fist, do my own damage. Better to contain my outbursts in my own skin.
Am I High 03:39
My mom asked me if I'm in love with you. I answered "no" hesitantly. It felt like lying. Is it really love if I can choose? Being touched isn't what I've been used to. Unwanted and unclean feel alike. I get to choose.
Ouch 03:14
I type out the words, but a little empty after saying how I feel whole after focusing on me, 'cause I know that I was missing something that could have made you love me. I used to look at you and feel sick. Marie, how could you look so perfect? And I now I see you as just a friend. I used to look at you and feel sick 'cause how could someone look so perfect?
Bored 02:10
Someone please touch me 'cause I question my validity when my consciousness is undefined and my body is barely a body. You're brutal and I'm supple at best. We should drive to Baltimore. You don't have a curfew. So it'll be when I get bored of you or you get bored of me.
Nodding off to pictures of you that decorate my room. High school sucks when you're stuck on someone who's given up. I don't mind if you don't mind wasting our whole Thursday night. I feel fucked. I feel fine. I feel nothing all the time. I wonder, do you notice when I write? Do you ask me what about? Do you notice when I try to say the things I'm too afraid to talk about? No, I write 'em down. Love living posthumously as lines we liked like "because it never happened."
What makes a friend? Climb the stairs to my bedroom. Let's be vulnerable again. Across the bed the same song plays. You won't look at me and I feel ashamed. Open my head and pray to me. The mountain reminds me I am small. The dirt reminds me I'm not.


The Obsessives almost never made it to their debut LP. Perhaps that's why it was named after an oft-forgotten quote from the opening pages of Slaughterhouse-Five. There's an undercurrent of tension and progress in that reference, not surprising for a duo of childhood friends who wrote and recorded the album in their final months of high school. That's not to say the end result, Heck No, Nancy, is another chronicle of inexperience and insecurity easily roped into an "emo revival" keyword search. It's a fresh stab at solid ground at the apex of critical change.

Sure, the remnants of teenage tension remain. Vocalist/guitarist Nick Bairatchnyi recounts a relationship which once shrank his world to "one inch by one inch by one inch" in order to introduce the listener to his world on "Daisy." This contraction explodes not even twenty minutes later, when he whines aloud, "is it really love if I can choose?" amid the smoldering build of "Am I High."

This is ultimately a record wavering between the elated and the existential, the floating and the forward. While the balance never remains stationary for long, drummer Jackson Mansfield creates a cohesive backdrop which maintains the LP's center of gravity. This is a passion project that would run parallel to a gap year spent expanding the two-piece's footprint on emo's widening landmass. Even though the record ends "What Makes a Friend" with a pensive maxim -- "the mountain reminds me I am small; the dirt reminds me I'm not" -- by the album's conclusion, it's clear that these D.C. natives can be heard inching closer to their personal summit.


released September 18, 2015

The Obsessives are:
Nicholas Bairatchnyi -- vocals, guitar, bass
Jackson Mansfield -- drums

Produced by The Obsessives and Matt Riefler in April 2015
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Matt Riefler at Digitracks Recording Studio in Fort Wayne, IN

Lyrical interpolation on "Ouch" courtesy of Whatever, Dad
Artwork and layout by Corey Purvis


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