Some Nerve

by Broken Beak

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Broken Beak's earliest material was an apartment. What was once the solo project of Philadelphia artist Beau Brynes contrasted complex, character-driven storytelling with intimate acoustic backdrops. Neither element took up much room, but for one person, the goods occupied enough space to justify an expansion.

With that said, "Some Nerve" is Brynes' long-deserved house, with new roommates to meet and plenty of square footage to explore. Drummer Jeff Malt and bassist Evan Moorehead fill out tracks with a rhythm section capable of being both sturdy and sinister, while Brynes and Brendan Lukens' intersecting guitar lines tangle atop it all. Overseeing this close-knit unit is long-time Broken Beak producer Jacob Ewald (Modern Baseball) who makes sense of this raw, full-bodied sound with a guiding hand. What results is a freshly built, but strong foundation. Brynes' lyrical portraits, while retaining their darkness and surreal narratives, are boosted by an electric upgrade that is neither too fiery nor too forced. On "Some Nerve," a family has been formed, with a returning relative in Ewald, but exciting new members to give Brynes' journey -- once traveled alone -- a new context and charged voice.


released July 1, 2016

Engineered and mixed by Jacob Ewald
Produced by Jacob Ewald & Broken Beak at The Metal Shop, Philadelphia, PA
Mastered by Ian Farmer

Auxillary performance on track 7 by Jacob Ewald
Cello on track 8 by Julia Peters
Organ on track 10 by Jacob Ewald


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Matches
I have yet to find the place to forge past all your boring ways
This house, though it was full of hate, it held what I held close to me
And some would say that I was frustrated
That I struck match for harm
So I shall flee before they find me piercing through your heart
It’s hard to get back where you are
But I need it

That hound just tried to kill me
Momma wipes the blood from her mouth and says
I just watched her leave and swell out of frame to brighten the scene
Then burns through where she fell

Well the forest will fade as you aim to cease fire
You’re drifting down the lake toward the back of my mind
Best to keep this written
Helps to keep me in line
Sure the pain will need me
But the pain is not mine

The pain is not mine
Track Name: Cut Out
Seems like nothing is ever really what it seems
I’m a man, I’m a boy
Why bother with what my mirror sees
When the girls in this city are much prettier than me

So I’ll pass the time and cut out both of my eyes
You’re right they look nice but yours are better than mine
So when I fall away and ditch the scene remember me

Please remember that I said I was going away and didn’t mean a thing
My judgment and deliverance won’t go away
Track Name: Humble
Hone in on my chest’s rotten components
Falter and retrace

The lines were born into a burdened spore
Hidden under the covers hoping some time would pass
Fear for your life because they’re coming for your breath
He fell out and was surrounded by distorted mumbling
Then you come dismiss them

This sure is humbling
Track Name: Stable
Shadows staring at me
Hissing and calling me ugly
Wet their lips, smear em off to the edge
Paint em red

Feels just like a disease
I’m pouring over the Bumbi
Breaking bottles over their heads
Paint 'em red

I don’t want to compromise but I do
And everybody knows that I am fixed to you

Crawl back behind those eyes
I will take hold when things are too wild
Try to contort your mind
Let me in your stable

I am the devil
Track Name: Saint
Stubborn men come stumbling in
They hear the faint hum of saint summons
Well who am I to blur so bright
Now the day is done but they keep coming

Is this bliss
Am I full of doubt
Envy is vivid
I am figured out

I am endless to wherever my fist fit
To feel some safe harm in your benefit
You should know why I keep quiet
If I keep on then you’ll keep wondering

Is this bliss
Am I full of doubt
Torture is vivid
I am figured out

Some pain is mine for a little bit
Some pain is fine
Track Name: Glass Honey
The record always kept track
White paper turns black
Some sort of cancer keeps coming back
I can’t take my eyes off of it
Or the low light that it makes
You low life don’t you break the glass
Honey, the scowl seems cool if I ever ask for money
No lending hand
No hanging cross over my head when I’m sleeping

I am a beggar and you are a maid in the house
That I broke into the moment that they went out of town
To bury their long-gone son in the garden
Track Name: Metal
Panic through the perils of time
Cower to dismiss cognitive submissions of my scathing
It is simply not all that I can be

Calming through the mercy of time
Practice to forget I am warming to the solace
I am okay
Though at times I want to be something metal

Now don't go changing your mind
It is too cluttered to fit the venom
That you wish to store in the mess of wires
To sudden to sullen these found components
That you have used to build up my new structure

Now I demand you end this
I am on my way to become a machine
I will rust
I can feel your face masking over me
I can't help but let it happen

I am ashamed
I am the same
I am afraid that I am to blame

Put the drugs on the table
Lick them up
Make it shine
When I am on I am able
Baby I am bad and I don't mind
Track Name: Echo
I never really cure myself
Let me be a junkie swimming in a coma
Mulling this thing over
This I never thought of
Plugging into manic terrors to my mother

Now they are coming for me from every angle
Leave and then they come again
Pull me in to spill me
Sigh and then go
Where did you even say we would land

Nothing is ever sane inside the echo
I guess everyone is outside
I am ailing in my urge to find you my dear
Belly up becomes you
Now you cannot hear me coming through

Nothing ever comes to you
Track Name: Deliver
Did I see you in the dry paint
Did I hear you echo down halls
Did I feel you in that low haze
Did the needle break when it plunged

Can I hang you in this weak frame
Can I bask in this stolen art
Singing heavenly to the ceiling
Deliver me to the stars

There are so few keepsakes
So fewer that worth all
Of the calamities that we create
In hopes that they become ours

I will leave no memory
I’ll have no fury wrought
If they can find a place to hide me
But the marble is bleeding
Track Name: Venom Room
Make room for your friends and my friends
Unpack your things and pack your things back up again
Let the venom loose so I can cruise through you

If I lose
Do you lose

The hallway has been shaking like it’s breathing
I am able but barely hear them speak
In the other room of my impending bloom that is so soon

If I lose
Do you lose